Happy National Emoji Day!

Everyone rated tonight’s wines with emoji stickers, some got 😊& others 😑while some got ☹️or even 🤢 !!!🍷❤️🥂🐿🐾😈👻🎉we even had a 💩 cup for spitting or dumping wines that didn’t make the cut! We went around the room and mentioned what emoji we thought was missing (a glass of white wine was mine! 🍷? Don’t get me started on the lack of a rosé one!)

-“Spritz & Giggles” California Sparkling wine with potato chips
-Riesling with fresh mozzarella, pineapple & fresh rosemary sprig
-Atwater Bübble Rosé of Pinot Noir with watermelon, feta & fresh spinach
-Nero d’Avola with mini “smiley face” quiche
-Tempranillo with bacon wrapped potato tots
-Fox Trot Red 🦊Finger Lakes with chocolate chip cookieS

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