When a wine is so good—you can’t quite describe it… it’s Magical Unicorns on your tongue.

We all jotted down new magical word descriptors on our unicorn post it notes—by the end we were rolling with laughter (we never have any fun at wine school) some couldn’t be read out loud, use your imagination 🤣🍷🥂🌈🦄❤️

-Swedish Hill Spumante Blush with blue cheese
-L’Être Magique Rosé with rainbow pinwheel
-Verdejo with a Chardonnay drunken 🍤shrimp
-Honoro Vera Rioja with pierogie with rainbow pepper confetti garnish
-Lucky Star Pinot Noir with pork liver pâté & housemade pear jelly
-Spellbound Cabernet Sauvignon with Italian rainbow cookie

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